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Course Types

Vector China provides the following course types :

If you want to study on your own, you can take our Video or E-Learning courses whenever and wherever you want on your schedule.

If you want to take instructor led courses (Classroom or Remote Training) there is two ways to book course dates:

  • Open Enrollment Training (OET courses)
  • Customer Individual Training (CIT courses)



We provide various free online videos for you to learn with. The videos cover many topics related to Software/hardware tools (for bus testing, measurement and calibration, diagnostics, etc.), electronic and electrical architecture tools, embedded code, AUTOSAR and bus protocol technology.

You can directly access them in Vector Automotive Technology, to learn on either mobile or PC with a flexible schedule.

E-Learning courses

Vector China offers free E-Learning courses, E-Learning courses for membership and paid E-Learning courses. You can use tags to filter E-Learning courses.

  • Free E-Learning courses: Some of our E-Learning courses are offered for free in Free-E-learning Platform.
  • E-Learning courses for membership: You need to subscribe to an annual membership of the Vector China Learning Platform, which allows you to view member courses from the Vector China Learning Platform while you are a member.
  • Paid E-Learning courses: Each course requires purchase. You can access the course outline and pricing through the description of each course.

Instructor led

Our Classroom Training courses take place in modern training rooms in our Vector China offices face to face with a trainer. All our workplaces are equipped with modern computers, current software and hardware for practical exercises during the training. Our Remote Training courses take place online and consist of several web sessions. A trainer accompanies you and the other participants during the course.

Open Enrollment Training (OET courses)

OET courses have been scheduled by Vector in advance. Individual seats can be booked by different customers, who then participate in the training course together. There are two ways to get access to the course dates:

  • Yearly Membership Fee: By subscribing to an annual membership of the Vector China Learning Platform,you can sign up for member courses held by Vector China while you are a member.

  • Course Specific Fee: Each individual course has a specific fee and needs to be purchased and paid individually.

Customer Individual Training (CIT courses)

CIT courses are planned and carried out individually at the customer’s request. According to customer needs and actual conditions, it will be determined whether the training will be conducted online or offline. If you are interested in purchasing these courses, please contact us at training(at) or contact a Vector China salesperson for a consultation.