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Daimler SLP11

With the introduction of AUTOSAR 4 Daimler makes use of a set of features offered by the standard. This training covers these new features and how they are implemented in Daimler ECUs. It also addresses the functionality of the Daimler-specific extensions and their usage in the context of Daimler car lines.


Participation in the AUTOSAR Classic Platform Basic Course or good AUTOSAR knowledge. And Certification as a Daimler supplier.

The participation in this course is restricted to persons who are either working for Daimler directly or for a Daimler supplier. Please fill out and sign the Confirmation Form and send it to when signing up to the course.

In case you are interested in booking a course exclusively for your company please get back to us. In a customer individual course we agree on a date and can also apply some changes to the content based on your needs.
Please contact us via the contact form.


22-02-28 – 22-03-01

(Timezone: Europe/Berlin)

Format:Remote Training


Participant price: 660 €


Maximum participants:14 people