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ECU Tests with the VT System and CANoe

The test possibilities of CANoe are completed with the VT System. All ECU interfaces, i.e. communication buses, power supply, electronic inputs and outputs are under the control of CANoe for test purposes.

In this Blended Learning course a simulated VT System is configured. Your learning progress is supported by practical exercises and automatic tests.


Course ECU Tests with CANoe.
It is helpful to do the CAPL Basics E-Learning. You will receive the link to the CAPL E-Learning prior to the course start.

How do I register?

Select the date on which you would like to start the E-Learning. Add this to your shopping cart and complete the booking as normal. As soon as we have firmly booked you for this start date, we will send a registration confirmation. By the booked start date at the latest, you will receive your user credentials for logging in to the E-Learning platform thus to begin your self-study. On the platform you will find the optional dates for Q&A sessions, where you can ask an expert questions in a remote session.
You will have access to the self-study content for two months.



(Timezone: Europe/Berlin)

Format:Blended Learning


Participant price: 540 €


Maximum participants:14 people

In case you are interested in booking a course exclusively for your company please get back to us. In a customer individual course we agree on a date and can also apply some changes to the content based on your need.

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