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PREEvision SOA and Ethernet Modeling

This course gives you an overview of Ethernet in the automotive environment and frequently used application protocols. You will learn the service-oriented modeling of an Ethernet-based architecture in PREEvision based on AUTOSAR Classic. To do this, you define services with their interfaces, model an Ethernet network and distribute the service roles in it. From MAC addresses in VLANs to socket adapters and service discovery, they configure communication artifacts on various levels of abstraction in PREEvision. In a preview you can see (if you are interested) how what you have learned can be extended to other subject areas (such as AUTOSAR Adaptive or DoIP). Previous knowledge of PREEvision is required.


Solid PREEvision knowledge, e.g. through the “Function development with PREEvision” Course, AUTOSAR basic knowledge


Currently we do not offer any fixed dates for this course.

In case you are interested in booking a course exclusively for your company please get back to us. In a customer individual course we agree on a date and can also apply some changes to the content based on your needs.

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